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Accessibility and Consumerism

Following yesterday’s conversation about the relationship between money, access, and what museums are choosing to do to negotiate this issue I came across this article about the Dallas Museum of Art. While it is an art museum, it provides a … Continue reading

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“Treme” and Public History

I don’t know if anyone else is familiar with it, but there’s a show on HBO called “Treme”. It’s all about New Orleans in the post-Katrina era, the various public recovery projects that have come about, and how the residents … Continue reading

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Why History Matters I thinkĀ  this clip speaks to the overall theme of this class.

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“The Ken Burns Effect”

“The Ken Burns Effect” This is an interesting interview audio clip from Ken Burns on how people view his narrative technique. Regardless of your opinion on his documentaries, I think he makes a few interesting and well thought out points.

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Memorializing without Change? Hurricane Sandy at the World Trade Center

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The Pink Pig

This is a nice clip here on Percival, the pink pig who travels to his home at the Atlanta History Center. Follow the link. Any thoughts?

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The 9/11 Memorial Museum – some thoughts

I have been thinking about 9/11 commemoration and the Memorial Museum since we discussed it last week and I can’t help but see a lot of similarities between 9/11 memory and the memorial and Holocaust memory (in the U.S.) and … Continue reading

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