Creation Museum Falls Short

The Museum of Creation & Earth, commonly known simply as the Creation Museum fell short of its bid for a seat on the council of museums in San Diego.  Had they been successful they would have had access to marketing funds and other promotional opportunities, but also the credibility associated with such a position.  According to the Raw Story report, the denial was not a result of the Creation Museum’s mission (which includes a claim that the earth is just 6000 years old and that dinosaurs and humans coexisted at the same time.  While the director of the Creation Museum offered some ridiculous and inappropriate comparisons to segregation and Selma, Alabama (see report), it also brings up a alternative point of consideration that we discussed this week about controversial exhibits.  In this case, rather than the public impacting an exhibit, it was a museum council.  And while the council claims their denial was based on non-topical problems with their exhibits and other administrative and safety concerns, it does suggest a question.  Do museum councils and other museum association have the right and or responsibility to police themselves?  What authority does speak for the appropriateness of exhibits and museums?  What if the council had ruled that the denial was based on subject matter or poor history or bad museumship?  Is there a larger “public interest” that public historians and other groups should be guarding in some way or is it only going to result in censorship?  Does the free market apply to museums and public history – even if as we have discussed, the “public” is not always able to discern good history from bad or sense agendas, omissions or spin?

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