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Donors in the Exhibit

In this week’s reading, I was especially interested in the discussion of donor acknowledgement in exhibits.  Both Lindauer and Gordon mention this topic, though with varying outcomes.  In Lindauer’s “The Critical Museum Visitor,” she notes how there seemed to be … Continue reading

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Power and Knowledge in the Museum

I found the Exhibitionary Complex on the theory of power and knowledge in exhibits to be very thought provoking. Bennett compares the exhibit and the larger institution of the museum to Foucault’s transition from public punishment to quiet surveillance in … Continue reading

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Speaking the same language

Workers English Skills Wane In Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal this article caught my eye. Much of our classroom discussions have been about defining our audience and finding out how to reach them. The article states that “1 in 10 adults … Continue reading

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The mission statement of the Georgia Historical Society is “Founded in 1839 with the mission to collect, examine and teach Georgia and American history through education and research.” The institution, based on its website, seems to be less focused on … Continue reading

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Enola Gay and Liberty Bell

After reading the Enola Gay and the Liberty Bell pieces this week, I was taken back by the contrast of reading the two back-to-back.  Both articles featured situations where people wanted to make exhibits which provided historical context and the … Continue reading

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Interactive History

In reading Interpretative Planning: The 5-M Model for Successful Planning Projects,1 I started to think about what were my favorite museum exhibits that I had experience and what was it about those exhibits that was so successful for me as … Continue reading

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Balanced Interpretation

In Nash’s Slavery and Public History we find the National Park Service searching for a balanced interpretation of the Liberty Bell and its new home. One of the most prolific artifacts from American history the Liberty Bell seems to be … Continue reading

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