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Funeral for a Home

My favorite reading for the week would have to be the Funeral for a Home article, in which Temple Contemporary, with the help of a public historian,  used a demolition of a house as a way of discussing historic preservation. … Continue reading

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“Rare” Photos depicting Women in History 

I can only say AMEN! —oh and I loceNee Orleans… Early photos and artifacts offer a rare glimpse of women in New Orleans music history — WWOZ 90.7 FM (@wwoz_neworleans) October 10, 2017

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Unpacking Manuel’s Tavern

As we’re reading this week about public history in all it’s many forms, including those that come in the mediums of academic museums, corporate and small business exhibits and even tags on commodities, I thought I’d share a recent project … Continue reading

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  As we study Trouillot’s concept of how silence is used as an unspoken voice; I begin to understand the depth of this song

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The Image of the Falling Man

A difficult article, containing images from 9/11 that are uncomfortable to view: A friend shared this thought-provoking article about how we censor our collective memory. The public deemed the images of 9/11 victims jumping from the Twin Towers as … Continue reading

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The Equal Justice Initiative

Hello, all – I enjoyed our class discussion today. As a creative writer by trade (though one who has always loved history, specifically in the form of museums both large and tiny, of which I’ve been to hundreds—maybe thousands at … Continue reading

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Into the Blogosphere

I have thought about Monday night’s discussion about digital history this entire week.  Of particular thought is the blogosphere.  In reading Stephanie Ho’s Blogging as Popular History Making, Blogs as Public History: A SINGAPORE CASE STUDY, I found it very … Continue reading

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