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Silencing the Past or Relegating Memory?

Last week, inasmuch as I was worried about the effects of Hurricane Irma on our neighbors South, and even myself in the North, I was thankful that I could focus on “the weather” and not the historic events of the … Continue reading

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Pick your silences carefully

Over the past few weeks we read Trouillot’s Silencing the Past, a book dealing with historical narrative and the absences that can manifest through intentional manipulation of that story through historical actors, archivists and historians with different racial, political and … Continue reading

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In the south, confederate statuary and historical sinage has surrounded us all of our lives. Except for those that are extremely culturally and politically active, it seemed as if no one cared. Now, all of a sudden  you have this … Continue reading

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Shared Authority Fail: Art and Interpretation on the Atlanta BeltLine

  Art on the Atlanta BeltLine: Context is Key Now in its eighth year, Art on the Atlanta BeltLine (the “largest free, temporary outdoor art exhibition in the South”) recently opened its annual fall show featuring a piece along its Westside … Continue reading

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Representing the Past in the Present: Can’t We Make Everybody Happy?

I wanted some time to marinate over our first class discussion concerning shared authority and its implications for confederate monuments.  Like many of us expressed in class last Tuesday, it is hard to separate my own personal feelings concerning confederate … Continue reading

Posted in community based history, Discussion, Exhibition review, heritage, Interpretive issues, Museums, News, Preservation, Public history profession, Race, Reviews, slavery | 2 Comments The Atlanta Beltline organization has decide to pull a piece of art ( black men in prison apparel) from an exihibt that has showing on the Westside Trail in Atlanta. This piece of art has upset so many of … Continue reading

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Vote Missy Elliot to Replace Confederate Monuments

On Wednesday, August 16th police arrested 22-year-old university student Takiyah Thompson for helping several other protesters dismantle a Confederate statue in Durham, North Carolina. Video from the protest shows Thompson mounting the statue and tying nylon lifting slings around the … Continue reading

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