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Shared Authority: Lowell and Avondale Estates

Reflecting on our experience over the past semester sharing authority with the interpretation of historical resources in Avondale Estates, I found many parallels in our reading, “The Lowell Experiment,” by Cathy Stanton.  Working at the Morgan Center, Stanton found that … Continue reading

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Funeral For a Home

During our class discussion last week, I found the article on funeral for a home quite interesting.  As we all live in Atlanta we can see how gentrification takes place in certain neighborhoods and not others.  One doesn’t have to … Continue reading

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Funeral for a Home

My favorite reading for the week would have to be the Funeral for a Home article, in which Temple Contemporary, with the help of a public historian,  used a demolition of a house as a way of discussing historic preservation. … Continue reading

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Okay This is Just Plain COOL! Blind Artist Paints Street Mural

In a couple of my history classes with Ian Fletcher art was used a lot in the narrative of discourse as a perspectives on historical interpretations. When I saw this it made me think of those classes and how this … Continue reading

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Unpacking Manuel’s Tavern

As we’re reading this week about public history in all it’s many forms, including those that come in the mediums of academic museums, corporate and small business exhibits and even tags on commodities, I thought I’d share a recent project … Continue reading

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Documenting current moments in history I thought this was a really thought provoking article about the responsibility  public historians and museums have in documenting current history and big events as they happen. We’ve been talking so much about what public historians can do to … Continue reading

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  As we study Trouillot’s concept of how silence is used as an unspoken voice; I begin to understand the depth of this song

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