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A Visitor’s Experience at the 9/11 Memorial Museum

This week the sixteenth anniversary of the September 11th attacks passed, much overshadowed by the severe weather of the weekend.¬† I wanted to bring it up with you all because I recently read an essay authored by Steve Kandell, an … Continue reading

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Representing the Past in the Present: Can’t We Make Everybody Happy?

I wanted some time to marinate over our first class discussion concerning shared authority and its implications for confederate monuments. ¬†Like many of us expressed in class last Tuesday, it is hard to separate my own personal feelings concerning confederate … Continue reading

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N.E.W. (NorthEastern Wisconsin) Zoological Society, Inc., Green Bay, WI

This blog post is by way of reflecting/blogging pictorially upon the readings for this week and the connection it played to a visit to a “zoo” / “reforestration/preservation center that has been a staple in Green Bay for decades. ( … Continue reading

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Vote Missy Elliot to Replace Confederate Monuments

On Wednesday, August 16th police arrested 22-year-old university student Takiyah Thompson for helping several other protesters dismantle a Confederate statue in Durham, North Carolina. Video from the protest shows Thompson mounting the statue and tying nylon lifting slings around the … Continue reading

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Atlanta History Center Program

Hey guys, I enjoyed the discussion about Confederate Monuments yesterday and wished that we could have had more time to discuss it further. Although I’m sure there will be ample time throughout the semester as this issue is not going … Continue reading

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New: Human Remains in Museums

I heard this mini documentary this morning on my way to work. It discusses the complexity of having human remains in museums that actively use those remains for study and exhibition. It was an interesting discussion and worth the 18 … Continue reading

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How to deal with History in Museums

In light of the two recent readings, I thought it interesting that Stone Mountain would seriously debate the creation of an exhibit commemorating the contribution of African-American soldiers during the Civil War. AJC article The part to watch will be … Continue reading

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