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How to deal with History in Museums

In light of the two recent readings, I thought it interesting that Stone Mountain would seriously debate the creation of an exhibit commemorating the contribution of African-American soldiers during the Civil War. AJC article The part to watch will be … Continue reading

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What is it?

I apologize in advance for the length of this and its sort of rambling nature. “What’s this?” I opened up the heavy iron device so my audience could peak inside. “Oh! A waffle iron!” the guests gleefully cried, young and … Continue reading

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Apps and a Sense of Place

This article from NPR’s All Things Considered came across my feed today through an African American genealogy forum that I follow: An App Tells Painful Stories of Slaves at Monticello’s Mulberry Row. I’ve been interested in the potential of apps … Continue reading

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Museum Programming & Identity

Institutional collections are a huge draw for museum enthusiasts. Seeing something that cannot be seen somewhere else is certainly a thrill that, as public historians, I’m sure we can all appreciate. When I interned at a museum that did not have … Continue reading

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Tenement Museum and Alternatives to the House Museum

The Tenement Museum reading reminded me of an exhibit at the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul MN, called “If These Walls Could Talk” that combines the the House Museum, period room concept with some features of the Tenement Museum. … Continue reading

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Community Advocacy and the National Public Housing Museum

The idea of sustainability of relationships and constant community and institutional advocacy for programming beyond the tenure of an exhibition or event were the most interesting aspects of both tonight’s reading and class discussion.

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VR as Living History

I’m going to throw this wet noodle at the wall and see if it sticks. This week, we have used the essays in Enacting History as a springboard for discussion on living history. Among the many concepts and themes that … Continue reading

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