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Pratt-Pullman Yard repurposed

I saw this article in Atlanta Magazine about the purchase and repurposing of one of Atlanta’s largest historic sites to a couple who hope to make it into a mixed-purpose facility with shops, restaurants, hotels, and movie studios. In light … Continue reading

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Interdisciplinary Collaboration

I enjoyed the fact that Andrew Hurley’s “Beyond Preservation” discussed the merits of public archaeology and how the discipline related to public history.  As someone who comes from an archaeology background, I find that public history and public archaeology have … Continue reading

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Beyond Preservation – Avondale Estates Considered

In this week’s discussion about Avondale Estates, I could not help but think about this past week’s reading in context to our project. First and foremost is the consideration of the author who asserts that these types of programs applies … Continue reading

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I’m going to be honest. Our book this week, Beyond Preservation by Andrew Hurley, threw me for a loop. As many of you know, my main focus for the past few years has been academic history, and that comes with a collection … Continue reading

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Avondale Estates: A Local Museum

The experience of speaking with community members and handing out surveys last Saturday at Avondale Estate’s Art Walk really made me reflect on the particular ways in which local museums operate as discussed by Amy K. Levin in “Defining Memory.”  … Continue reading

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Okay This is Just Plain COOL! Blind Artist Paints Street Mural

In a couple of my history classes with Ian Fletcher art was used a lot in the narrative of discourse as a perspectives on historical interpretations. When I saw this it made me think of those classes and how this … Continue reading

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Resources Group: Archive Update

I just thought I’d pass along a quick update on the progress of digging through the archival materials at the Avondale Estates City Hall. Yesterday we had our first full dive into the contents. Our first get together was to … Continue reading

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