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Pick your silences carefully

Over the past few weeks we read Trouillot’s Silencing the Past, a book dealing with historical narrative and the absences that can manifest through intentional manipulation of that story through historical actors, archivists and historians with different racial, political and … Continue reading

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Interpretive Planning

After visiting Avondale Estates, I’ve been mulling over potential planning objectives for the current semester and thinking about how they fit into an overall interpretive plan.  One aspect of “Interpretive Planning: The 5-M Model for Successful Planning Projects” by Lisa … Continue reading

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Representing the Past in the Present: Can’t We Make Everybody Happy?

I wanted some time to marinate over our first class discussion concerning shared authority and its implications for confederate monuments.  Like many of us expressed in class last Tuesday, it is hard to separate my own personal feelings concerning confederate … Continue reading

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Opportunities and Pitfalls of the Digital Platform

One particularly interesting aspect of Writing History in the Digital Age was the fact that different contributors all provide different understandings about how writing history in the technology age is engaged with by diverse people of differing disciplines and the variety … Continue reading

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The Haitian Revolution and the Silencing of the Past.

My thesis regarding the Haitian Revolution, stemming from my undergraduate work in history and geography more than 15 years ago at UNC Charlotte, was whether the revolution aided in ending slavery or the slave trade. As the author of the … Continue reading

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Hollywood and the Production of History

One aspect of Silencing the Past that stuck out most to me were the mentions of Hollywood’s role in the (re)production of history.

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Shared Authority in the Curatorial Process

This week we read and discussed various aspects of public history, including what it means to be a part of the public, and how that impacts our interpretation of history. Of course ideals such as democracy, transparency, and fair and … Continue reading

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