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Southern Comfort Levels

This was an interesting reading.  The challenges that Richmond faced during the postindustrial era and efforts of the healing process from the Civil War and Jim Crow.  Just as some southerners had issues with the placement of the Lincoln statue … Continue reading

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Beyond Preservation – Avondale Estates Considered

In this week’s discussion about Avondale Estates, I could not help but think about this past week’s reading in context to our project. First and foremost is the consideration of the author who asserts that these types of programs applies … Continue reading

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Funeral For a Home

During our class discussion last week, I found the article on funeral for a home quite interesting.  As we all live in Atlanta we can see how gentrification takes place in certain neighborhoods and not others.  One doesn’t have to … Continue reading

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Interpretation and Conversations, or my weekend in the Hurt Building

  While we’re talking about conversations, this weekend my other half and I volunteered with the Open House Atlanta event. This event had more than 30 sites from downtown to Buckhead open for visitors to experience some of the architectural gems … Continue reading

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Dialogue in History

Very interesting readings this week in regards of dialogue.  I feel that creating a dialogue amongst museum goers definitely creates opportunities for people to discuss their thoughts and beliefs with a group of people that they may never have opened … Continue reading

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Relevance, History, and “Dumbing Down”

When reading Nina Simon’s book I had a visceral response to the section on “otherizing outsiders.”  Porcia was “otherized” (74) in her museum experience, and while the author credits the tour guide with a “genuine attempt at making the tour … Continue reading

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Making it Relevant

Our reading this week opened up a new may of thinking about history.  How we get outsiders to use their keys to open doors to worlds that they may or may not ever have entered.  In other words, helping outsiders … Continue reading

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